About Gracious Seasons

Gracious Seasons is a home décor boutique that offers unique gifts and home accessories to make your living space beautiful in every season. We proudly feature Michigan-made works of art, including handcrafted soaps, lotions, candles, hand-turned wood products, paintings, hand-woven baskets, floral designs, glass art, repurposed and chalk painted furniture, linens, and even handmade greeting cards.

We carry vintage items, antiques and contemporary pieces. Our diverse selection of decorating styles includes: Americana, French Country, Shabby Chic, Victorian, Art Deco, Romantic Garden, and much more. We specialize in seasonal décor and offer an ever-changing assortment of designs for holiday decorating.

Our Faith

We love what we do at Gracious Seasons, because we love beauty and we want to share our enthusiasm with the community. However, our ultimate desire is to celebrate the beauty of God’s creation, and bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ who exemplifies true beauty through His love and grace.

Kathie's Story

Gracious Seasons was founded by Kathie Shefke in the fall of 2012. When the recession caused her previous business to close, she seized the opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream.

Kathie always had a passion for decorating; especially during the holidays. For years, she had used her extraordinary talents to design floral arrangements and decorations for holiday parties, weddings, showers, and corporate events. Though she loved doing it, turning her passion into a full-time career never seemed like a genuine possibility. However, as one door was closing, a new door was opening. Kathie’s dream of owning a home decorating boutique became a reality, and Gracious Seasons was born.

Her exquisite taste and her eye for design have made her own home a showplace. Her porch is bursting with fresh floral arrangements and beautiful fountains. Her stunning garden has been host to numerous tea parties, showers, and family gatherings. Her neighbors enjoy the ever-changing displays in her bay window. Her friends swoon over her fireplace mantle, which is always a work of art in itself.

Simply put, Kathie loves beauty. She has a very special gift for displaying things in beautiful ways. The displays at Gracious Seasons are carefully arranged into small decorative vignettes to help shoppers envision the pieces in their own homes, and provide creative ideas for displaying the items at their best.

Strolling through Gracious Seasons is much like taking a tour of Kathie’s home; only the rooms are continuously changing. You may see elegant dining rooms dressed with the finest china, linens, and centerpieces. You could wander into a charming country kitchen, a breathtaking antique bedroom, a fashionable French living room, or a spectacular bath display with beautiful handcrafted soaps. Kathie’s pergola is always splendidly adorned with season’s latest styles. Gracious Seasons offers a selection that can make any home a showplace.

Because the displays are always changing, the shopping experience will be new with each visit. And that’s what a trip to Gracious Seasons is—an experience. Delicate scents and tranquil music delight the senses. Beauty abounds. Visitors are compelled to linger and take it all in. One friend commented, “A person could just sit in the surroundings you've created and sip on a cup of tea and nibble on a cookie while reading a devotional or Bible. Plus the joy, hospitality, laughter and love from all of you girls is great as always!”

For Kathie, that’s what decorating is all about. It’s not just about making things “look pretty.” It’s about hospitality and fellowship. It’s about creating a space for people to feel warm and welcome. It’s about providing an atmosphere that inspires closeness, joy, celebration, and love. That is what Kathie hopes to accomplish with Gracious Seasons. Kathie’s boutique is essentially an extension of her home, where her shoppers are her guests.

All these things and more make a trip to Gracious Seasons a truly unique shopping experience. With many of the pieces handcrafted or repurposed by Kathie herself, shoppers are sure to find plenty of one-of-a-kind treasures.

In many ways, Kathie’s life has itself been repurposed. After a time of difficulty, this venture has given her a renewed sense of hope and vitality—a time of restoration and rejuvenation. This is truly a “gracious season” in her life.